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Photography by Erik EikenberryIt all started in 1996, at California State University, Los Angeles, when I found photography as my major and I fell in love with the medium and everything it could do and I could do with it. Under the inspiring guidance and creative education of Jack Butler, I could never turn back from my fascination and admiration for photography. I will always be thankful to Jack for having a big role in my style and my photo ethics. I will also always be thankful to Jack for telling me about a graphic design position that opened at a billboard company. I applied and got the job and have ever since been a graphic designer and photographer. The rest became history. I embraced my employment and skills as a designer and simultaneously was invited to showing my art photography at a couple handfuls of galleries around the greater Los Angeles area.

In 2003 I relocated from the Los Angeles area to Washington to begin a family and unknowingly to begin a career in professional photography. I found myself employed with a local ad agency in Olympia for five years and was fortunate enough to wear two hats as a designer and a photographer. I will always be thankful for that big break into commercial photography and have shot professionally and commercially ever since. I still do my art photography at times and will always create art from photography, but my passion keeps on for shooting professionally and collaborating with people and bringing their vision to life.

Photography is about the moment and about ever lasting endurance. It is a lifetime memory and will have endless meaning. I believe in the power of photography so much I have dedicated my life to it. That's a passion I cannot give up and don't ever want to give up. I love the process of interacting with people and places and being a part of that moment that will never cease. Photography lets us share moments of our life and who we are. Photography has been my passion ever since enrolling in my first black and white 101 class 18 years ago and I have never looked any other direction than forward.

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